Friday, September 7, 2007

BMW 135i Coupe Video

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Audi S3 go home !!! Not that the Audi is a bad car, but that BMW is just terrific. Great design and an absolute fantastic engine, I drove a 335i last month and that engine just go like nothing I've ever driven. There is no Substitute to a BMW if you ask me cause that's the only car that's all about sporty driving pleasure. Except Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini of course, but who can afford them ???

no way man the new m3 is a 4 liter V8 more than 400 hp

i want it for my graduation xDDD how much it cost??

that's not the 325i that's the new 1 series.

sweeeet deal im so gettin me one of those as a grad present ..only if the twin turbo one is like 30gs

high school grad gift for me if its close to a well packaged 328i coupe (the original deal).

let me guess, is cadillac going to make a small car trying to compete with this too? make a v-series? haha cadillac is a joke compared to imports.

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